There is one thing that no-one truly likes… seeing themselves for who they really are.

We all can make judgement on others very easily. However, when you face yourself in the Silver Glass, judgement rarely comes easily.

Some try to break it; they refuse to accept the existence of such a thing and, in return, the world around them sneaks up on them or leaves them behind.

Some try to deceive it; place a front to face what they really are and, in return, the world trips up the liar and reveals their true nature.

Some try judge it; find flaws in the frame in an attempt to prove it is wrong and, in return, it degrades the person in the mirror as the frame frames more than just the silver glass.

Very few accept it; looking not at the silver glass but the one think they are afraid of. In return the Mirror reveals the deepest ideals of themselves…

…and there is no Mirror as dark and reflective as the darkness of space; look deep into the gaps between stars, rare as it is and you truly see all and it takes you.

However, very few dare to do so; as it comes time to do so, they turn away in fear of not being able face themselves.

They make the best of their lives whether it’s travelling the stars in the Cruisers and Frigates of the stars or living in the outposts and colonies among the ‘aliens’ of the Universe.

They make friends who support them and in return they support them so that they can get what they want instead of going alone.

They build a world that they feel important in, feel loved and feel they have the power over the machines that they make and own.

But the cogs turn constantly; slow, deliberate, ominous. As you hear the ticking, you are reminded that you are always marching towards the end…

…to the point where you end up forced to stare into the black.

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