Chaos Crew


I should be alone.

Have I failed my sister?

Whilst I have relative freedom. Angela is paying my debt off as a slave. I mean yes I’m stuck doing jobs for bug people but she is a sodding slave. I have the better deal.

I’ve also now have a crew. An Orcan who enjoys massive guns, a bard and another pilot who is probably better than me. I have somehow become Captain Mercy. Feels quite good. People who are under my command, I’m not here to make friends but to make money. I mean I should not be around people at all.

There will only be three people I care about. Angela, Michael and me. I’ve let them both down. Angela who I should have protected is paying my debt as a slave. Michael who I was very fond of. I mean I loved him but I kept that to myself. It would have got in the way. Now he’s dead because he fought back when we were arrested. Nobody will ever replace him. We were a team. I’m sure others will try to but it won’t work for me. He was one of a kind. Plus he could deal with me flying the ship.

I’ll make amends soon. I promise. Now I’ll grab a drink and try and rest.



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